Support Policy

Following are the terms of our support policy:

  1. Support is provided during business hours (IST), 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. We are closed on the weekends and our country-specific holidays.
  2. Our support is only available for solving defects in products and for usage clarifications. Any code customization, changes or providing guidance for making custom code changes are not part of the support. If any kind of code changes are made in our software, your purchase will no longer be under support.
  3. For one purchase, support is available for one domain or subdomain only, for one-time installation.
  4. We do not provide support using screen-sharing or via Team Viewer, Skype, etc.
  5. Your website must be hosted on some server or test server for getting support. Support is not available if you try on your localhost. You need to disable cache on your website/server while you want us to provide any assistance.
  6. Root credentials can't be used by our support personnel. We need restricted user access to work on your issues, in order to avoid compromises on the server.
  7. There is support duration for every product we sell. This duration is mentioned on the product page. When support duration expires, any software updates and support help are no longer available.
  8. Support can be extended by purchasing a support extension package.
  9. In the case of CMS themes or extensions, it is not practical to provide compatibility with all third party products, unless we claim in advance about compatibility with that third-party product.
  10. If a user indulges in aggressive behavior towards our company and/or staff, we reserve the right to withdraw our support on an immediate basis, with no refunds.
  11. Web-based helpdesk (click here) is our mode of support. There is no other mode of support available. Our helpdesk is very fast and we reply within a few minutes during work hours.
  12. Opening multiple tickets or making multiple contact requests for the same issue could result in delays in our response time.
  13. Live chat is available strictly for pre-sales and sales inquiries. Tech staff is not available on live chat.
  14. Some products require a license to work. We supply the license in such cases. One license/purchase covers one domain or subdomain only unless otherwise specified. However, you can use the license on any number of test domains or subdomains.
  15. The registered domain name for a license can be changed only one time within 6 months from the date of purchase, however, if a user is found to be using the product on the old domain even after the change, the license is terminated without any refunds, as it is an abuse of our services. Change of domain can be availed only once.
  16. We provide refunds when there is a proven defect which our team is not able to fix.
  17. We reserve rights to all the software produced by us. Any attempt to resell our software, whole or in part, without due permission from our side may lead to legal action. If a customer is found to be indulging in such activity, we reserve the right to terminate all licenses given to such a customer without any refund, and support would be terminated on an immediate basis, without a refund.
  18. Refunds are not available if a customer finds the product features inadequate after the purchase. We encourage you to study the features and use our Helpdesk or email id for clarifications before purchase.
  19. If a customer opens a dispute/chargeback with the payment gateway without giving a chance to us for assistance, it is considered an unethical and provocative practice. Customer's access to our support team and all licenses would be terminated without any refunds.
  20. We provide custom changes on a chargeable basis. Please open a ticket from our helpdesk (click here) if you need custom work done.